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THE war of words between a group of Wyndham residents and the Wyndham Council continues to escalate, with residents accusing the council of circulating a “misleading” letter.
Members of the Western Region Environment Centre (WREC) are fighting the council over the height of Wyndham’s rubbish tip.
On Monday 23 December last year they presented the council with a petition signed by over 2000 people opposing the above-ground construction of the tip.
Last week the WREC accused the council of making false claims in its written response to the petitioners.
Harry van Moorst from the WREC said the council had falsely claimed that the tip had been above ground for most of its existence, that the landfill is one of only four in Melbourne and that environmental issues were considered in detail as part of the applications to increase the height of the tip.
“This response to the petitioners is rather insulting in its dishonest and misleading claims as well as failing to respond to the actual issues raised by the petition,” Mr van Moorst said.
But Wyndham Council CEO, Kerry Thompson, said there were concerns about the legitimacy of the petition.
“The purpose of the letter to petition signatories was to communicate directly with those who are concerned about the Wests Rd Refuse Disposal Facility,” Ms Thompson said.
“Since making contact with signatories to the petition, it was concerning that someone took the time to call council and deny having signed the petition.
“In his capacity as a representative of WREC, Harry van Moorst has been appointed a member of the RDF Community Advisory Group. The role of this group is to provide feedback regarding the operation of the RDF and we are happy to address Mr. van Moorst’s difference of opinion in that forum.
“One issue that can be discussed for example is the denial that the RDF has operated as an above ground facility for most of its existence. Council has documentation demonstrating this that we are happy to provide to the Reference Group.”
Ms Thompson said the matter was before VCAT and concerns around issues like odour should be directed to the Environmental Protection Agency.

2 Responses to “Tip war of words”

  1. Greg says:

    The standard letter I got from the mayor last year even tried to have me believe that the tip was an above ground facility.

    It WAS a quarry ie; HUGE HOLE IN THE GROUND.

    Once you fill a hole in the ground it is no longer a hole your then ABOVE GROUND …. Seems pretty logical to me.

    WCC is just trying to keep the money rolling in to pay for things they cannot afford because they are living beyond thier means !!

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  2. Rohan Waring says:

    It’s clear that the bureaucrats are just trying to wait out the community by ignoring the valid complaints of odor, stigma and effect on property values raised in the petition. Therefore it’s very disappointing that none of the current Councillors (include several from the ALP) are willing to stand up to the bureaucrats for their delaying tactics and deliberately manipulative statements. Even worse is the fact the current Liberal government seem okay with this behavior, and are currently implementing policies that see Wyndham become the dumping ground of Melbourne. We need to elect a state government that will listen to the community and defend our environment from ugly smells and ugly sites, I will spend the next year making sure that happens.

    Rohan Waring
    Greens Candidate for Tarneit, 2014 State Election.

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